Hey Gary,

I am definitely interested in this opportunity. I have been studying Sun Tzu for 20 years and consider the text a foundation for strategic thinking (and living). I have been using it in my own life for years. I also have read several of your books, including the side-by-side translation of the text, the Warrior Class, the Amazing Secrets of Sun Tzu, and the Golden Key to Strategy. I think that the systems and principles you explore in your books (for example, the Listen-Aim-Move-Claim process) are the most comprehensive and useful of any Sun Tzu commentary I've read. I would be interested in exploring this more if you are still looking for someone. If not, please know that I appreciate your wisdom, insight, and analyses and look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks, Mark Blasini

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Gary, I am very interested in continuing your legacy, Kevin Chan


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