The Science of Competition

Welcome to Practical Strategy by me, Gary Gagliardi, the founder of the Science of Strategy Institute and multiple award-winning author of dozens of books explaining a system of strategy based on the psychology of competition.

Articles on practical strategy are designed to help you make better decisions on a day-to-day basis. While the word “strategy” means many different things to different people, the emphasis here is on the “practical” part, that is, understanding the how competitive thinking affects commonplace human interactions. While most of the examples are based on business challenges, the system can be applied to any competitive arena: sports, politics, romance, and so on. I have authored books on all these areas of human competition.

The topic begins with redefining “competition.” Psychologically, it is not a “fight” as commonly portrayed. Indeed, “fights” are more properly understood as a failure of strategy. All forms of competition can be reduced to a comparison. When we make any decision, we must compare alternatives. How those comparison are made is the root of all strategy. Good strategy is not about what our actions do, but how others see and react to our actions.

The systems by which we make such comparisons are deeply rooted in our survival instinct, honed over millions of years. Most people are unaware of their use of these mechanisms and how they shape their decisions. Success in human society is based upon winning the support of others and avoiding their opposition. Understanding the deep-rooted psychology by which they make those decisions and how our behavior affects them is the key to becoming more successful.

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