"Using a huge army in battle success is very expensive.Long delays create a dull army and sharp defeats."Sun Tzu The Art of War 2:1:12 We are taught to…
Know the differences between speed and quickness and how to use each.
Adapting moves at each step can wear down any barrier to progress.
Adaptability is a choice of strategy.
A practical strategy for exploring opportunities.
All successful strategies leverage both knowledge within the boundaries or ignorance.
Information must fit into a mental model to be understood.
All successful strategies are based on knowledge; all failures on ignorance.
The five types of people needed in every contact network.
What makes a good opportunity? How can we compare opportunities to choose the best ones? The way most people react to opportunities depends on their pe…
We must choose opportunities that we have the skills to utilize.
Evaluating opportunities based upon balancing strengths and weaknesses.